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"Eragra" - Prototyptest

Verfasst: 24.08.2013 17:46
von MrSkull
Hier wird fortlaufend berichtet, was es Neues zum Eragra-Prototypen gibt (Artikel, Links, Fotos) und in erster Linie wird hier das Tagebuch zu unserem Test geführt!

Re: "Eragra" - Prototyptest

Verfasst: 24.08.2013 17:47
von MrSkull

Re: "Eragra" - Prototyptest

Verfasst: 24.08.2013 22:08
von MrSkull

Re: "Eragra" - Prototyptest

Verfasst: 24.08.2013 22:10
von MrSkull

Re: "Eragra" - Prototyptest

Verfasst: 24.08.2013 22:11
von MrSkull

Re: "Eragra" - Prototyptest

Verfasst: 28.08.2013 12:21
von MrSkull
Die 1. Anleitung ist angekommen^^...nun wird brav studiert und probiert *G*.

Re: "Eragra" - Prototyptest

Verfasst: 17.10.2013 23:23
von MrSkull
*update* (mail an Alex)
Ok, here we go (finally)^^…Eragra Ancient World: first impressions (manual read, set up the game, played first rounds)

First of all, gee, that’s a bunch of material :)! Cutting out all cards and losing overview (lots of ancient and future cards got mixed), which card belongs to which class/faction/story, etc. …sorting it out was a bitch, but when all is put together, its finally a nice look: btw. GREAT GRAPHICS!! [missing 2 green gems and got 1 red gem too many^^]
A components overview is needed with the manual (first pages) and I think an addendum for all(!) cards, too (last pages).
Reading about all the deckbuilding-needed-stuff confused me at first, as the explanation of the what&why^^ follows kinda late – same for the info about the tableaus. Dunno if that should be on the first pages too?!

Overall: urgent need of some professional who writes the manual in good english, no offense :)! Some parts cant be understood without reading them several times and associate them with general gaming-experience^^ to understand the meaning regarding the game’s mechanic. Besides get rid of all the typos^^.

The cards overview is really cool, graphic/origin/effects/text/symbols, all nice and clear!
The meeples are cute^^.

Story sounds nice, but there should be more? More depth, maybe a short story included for the atmosphere?

Summoning minions: you need parchments to summon them, ok. On page 6 parchments are explained….on page 12 is explained how to summon….but nowhere between page 6 and 12 is explained how to get parchment cards?! :) ..weird…
On page 14 suddenly^^ there are the needed hints for the turns and cards (parchments), this should be mentioned earlier somehow, like: for explanation of parchments see below or on page xy, etc.

The battle: the example on page 12 shows that both summoners can fight each other, but they are on different landscapes. Wouldn’t it be more logical if the opponents need to be on the same landscape to be able to fight each other?

Natural origins: cool thing^^

Sinister Die: “Transporter”…why transporting a rival minion somewhere to destroy it instantly there? Why not just destroy a rival minion at its position instantly? -> see “Archer” …both die-sides have the same meaning at the end?

Getting crystals by destroying rival minion: 1 dice power = 1 crystal, and so on! Shouldn’t it be the other way around (1 dice power gains 3 crystals), since its harder to win with less power? Just a thought^^.
When a parchment is destroyed, you put that rival minion to limbo and get them crystals, but taken from where? From the rivals landscape?

The location cards aren’t explained. I can get one by getting a grim event and then somehow summon a minion in the universal area? I don’t get this right, I think, since this seems somewhat too powerful to attack anyone without being attacked yourself.

On page 17 is suddenly explained there s a possibility for minions to be hurt. I understood you fight to death? How to remember what state the minion is in after some rounds, e.g. for a 3 dice power minion?

Ill keep trying to play and understand the game^^, but atm im a bit confused how the whole battle and summon-mechanic works fluently.

Kind regards :)

BGG-thread ist auch aktualisiert mit direkt dort zu klärenden Fragen^^