VK: DVD-Boxset "Bruce Lee limited 30th anniversary (6di

Nicht von dieser (Spiele-)Welt, dafür aus der Realen ! Hier wird über alles, nur nicht über Spiele geredet.

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VK: DVD-Boxset "Bruce Lee limited 30th anniversary (6di

Beitrag von MrSkull » 12.11.2005 14:33

Mal n bissi was zum Schauen, nebenher :)

neu, eingeschweisst !

Alle 4 Filme (RC2, UK-Fassung):
- The Big Boss
- Fist Of Fury
- Way Of The Dragon
- Game Of Death (2 Disc Platinum Edition)

Widescreen / ~6 Std. 29min.

Game Of Death:
- 'Bruce Lee trailer archive
- Deleted scenes from 1978 edition
- Rare photo archive (including production stills, posters and original lobby card artwork)
- 'Legacy of the Dragon': an exclusive documentary on Bruce Lee and the Game Of Death phenomenon
- History of Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's fighting art)
- Biography showcase for the principal stars
- 'Game Of Death Revisited' featurette: a 40-minute edit of the original 'Game Of Death' footage in accordance with Bruce Lee's script notes
- Dan Inosanto Jeet Kune Do seminar
- 'Game Of Death' retrospective
Bonus Disc:
- Interviews with Bob Wall, Robert Lee, Chaplin Chan, Bruce Lee's sister Phoebe, Golden Harvest production manager Lewis Sit, Green Hornet co-star Van Williams, and Bruce's friend, student and maker of his training equipment, George Lee
- Animated photo gallery featuring extremely rare behind-the-scenes photographs
- Hong Kong icons Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen reminiscing about their experiences of working with Bruce Lee; Articles reproduced from Inside Kung Fu magazine and by - Bruce's private students Dan Inosanto, John Saxon, Nancy Kwan and Jon Benn
- An article by Robert and Phoebe Lee
- An exclusive collectors' edition book on Bruce Lee written by Hong Kong cinema experts Bey Logan and Brian White
nur 75€ inkl. Versand!
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