12 Realms: Bedtime Story - Last Week on KS

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Re: 12 Realms: Bedtime Story - Last Week on KS

von MrSkull » 13.12.2015 11:19

Defenders of the Realms,

We are back with a new update. The miniatures foams and the box are now complete. The box has size about 31x31x10cm and includes 3 foams inside so it can fit all the miniatures from all 12 Realms boxes. Some holes are different from the common ones. These are mostly for the buildings and some bigger in size, miniatures.




We also completed the new print of our sleeves - premium quality. Standard and Square ones. See below:



Everything is moving smoothly so far without problem. Is just too many items to be produced that's why we need time. Of course the whole project is delayed due to the minis production. We monitor the production on a daily basis and everything look perfect. We will have painted samples next year, on January. Soon will be ready the spinners rings, badges, badges case, and more. We will keep you posted :)

The molds are complete, and the first tests are now on process in order to be sure that the minis will look fine at the end. Here we post some pictures from the test and you can see that the details are perfectly visible, good for us. Yes there is delay, at least based on what we had in our mind, but we want to deliver a perfect game and we want to believe that each time we do it better. We really hope what you see here. NOTE: Do not pay attention to the material. This is sample so we can see if the molds have a problem or not. We keep produce the minis with the same pvc material we do so far and is quite good. All miniatures will be assembled as always as well as each miniature has its own base. Is really cool when you see them all together spread all over the realms. The mass production starts this month and will be completed at in 35-40 days. The paint work takes usually 40-50 days. So next month, we will start the print of the board game. We must deliver the minis to the board game manufacturer when the last one will complete the printing, like a chain. We could start the print earlier but the factory cannot give us space until the minis are ready due to the many customers they have, so they have no much space.


Currently we work a new project with Ninja Division and we will launch it on January 18th. We will not mention any details here, just post the preview link and you can check the page while we prepare it. Aether Captains by Todd Sanders. We are very happy for this co-operation as we will work with Ninja Division and in the next campaign of 12 Realms: Candyland that we prepare for June-July. Feel free to share the news. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ma ... n=cc430df6


Re: 12 Realms: Bedtime Story - Last Week on KS

von MAGECompany » 16.06.2015 11:49

Last 3 days for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story on Kickstarter. We already unlocked several stretch goals: All the 8 new Dark Lord Minis, the Ghost Town Heroes and Dark Lords, The Magic Mirror and first plot and now we unlock the Plots of this expansion. The basic game plus the expansions include 76 Minis and 10 plots so far and we continue: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ma ... time-story

Here is the updated components list of the grand pack pledge level: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic2560240.jpg


Re: 12 Realms: Bedtime Story - Last Week on KS

von MAGECompany » 15.06.2015 13:31

Mirror mirror...it is time to destroy you!

The Master Dark Lord is here and you must face him. But can you really defeat such a magic entity? The Magic Mirror can control the Towns of the Realms, the Dark Player's events and command Invaders attack the Heroes. Aw, yes almighty Mirror! You can even turn Heroes into Dark Lords and then bring them on your side. What would really happen if the Heroes had to face Magic Mirror, Dark Lords and their Minions?
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ma ... time-story

You cannot destroy the Magic Mirror at once, but you can eliminate its abilities by completing tasks such as to find objects-cards. You have a little time though to succeed on this Plot. The Magic Mirror is powerful but not perfect! He can use only 1 of his abilities in each turn, and that can buy you some time to find the way and destroy him once and for all.


Next Stretch Goal at $95K and the 2nd Plot will be unlocked. Jade Palace, the Tang Dynasty Plot. This is not a common plot since some basic rules change as movements, drawing of the cards, battle. Prepare to face the Evil Emperor, his Archers, and the Magic Walls!


We also posted the photos of the Evil Emperor and the Magic Mirror on BGG. Click on each image and thumbs up! More votes, more exposure for our project. The Ghost Town badge is almost unlocked!
Link: https://boardgamegeek.com/images/boardg ... time-story

12 Realms: Bedtime Story - Last Week on KS

von MAGECompany » 14.06.2015 12:46

12 Realms is a cooperative game for 1-6 players, which is constantly expanding. The expansions that have been published by now are 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy, 12 Realms: Ghost Town and the latest expansion is Bedtime Story currently funding on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ma ... time-story

All expansions add new features to the gameplay change the experience offered by the core game.


The beginning

All the villains of the fairy tales decided to unite because in the fairy tales they always lose. Therefore they decided to destroy all the fairy tales as we know them and make themselves victorious. What the villains desire is to change the ending we know saying "they all lived happily ever after".


12 Realms take place in the world of the fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood, Siegfried, Frankenstein & Andromeda, everything you have ever loved and can possibly imagine is there. The reel holds 12 different stories:

The Silver Kingdom: Is a world of fantasy. Knights in shining armors, innocent princesses with rose cheeks, well-fortified castles and powerful kings all of them exist in this realm.

Fairy Forest: As the name implies, the Fairy Forest can travel you to the world of fairies. Nature is green, the trees are high and in the deep forest you can find fairy like creatures like goblins, dryads and more.

Cherry Blossom: This is the pink realm. And what is more pink than the perfect cherry blossoms in Japan? As you can imagine, here you can find several far east and humanoid like creatures, such as red oni and raccoons. Don't let them defeat you!

Bones Island: Arrrrggghhh! Drinking rum and safekeeping the treasures is what you do in this island! But don't you think you'll pass so easily! Pirates, parrots, pirate pigs, ghosts and corsairs are just some of the creatures you will have to battle when you enter this realm.

Olympia: A realm devoted to the Greek mythology. Here a sense of divine lurks in the air. Mythological heroes and creatures, like satyrs, centaurs, harpies and Perseus await you for your doom.

Kevan Empire: A cold world with creatures lurking in the Kevan Empire's land. Do you think you can get past Baba Yaga and the rest of the human-like enemies?

Nile Valley: The realm of the Nile might be great, but the curse of the Pharaoh might be upon you. Can you battle the power of Egypt? Scorpions, mummies, pharaos and mighty gods are just a few of your enemies.

Golden Caliphate: Is at all its glory! Caliphs, wizards and djin travel across its land ready to cast their spells.

Apart from the previous realms, other newer realms have been developed in the Fairy World. These will be available in the Bedtime Story expansion. Here's a sneak peak of the new realms.

Clockwork Shire: A Steampunk touch was missing from 12 Realms, and the Clockwork Shire has come to fill this gap. Robots, mechanical and automaton creatures will be hunting you! Are you afraid of the robot shark and the robot cannons?

Horrorville: Who said there is no room in 12 Realms for movie horror and urban legends? Do you remember The Hand from the Adams family? The headless horseman? Frankenstein? Well, pair them with ghosts and warewolves and you have the setting of Horrorville ready.

Atlantis: The Mythic land of Atlantis is full of mystery, so is this realm. In the depths of the sea, you will find sea gods, sea dragons, water spirits ready to fight for this realm.

Tang Dynasty: The Far East has yet another dynasty to offer. Creatures of the eastern lore, like evil spirits and demon monster will be among the creatures you will have to win. Demon rhinos, demon pythons and others will reveal their secret abilities.

Game structure

The invaders: The core mechanism of the game is that every player chooses one hero, and in collaboration with the rest of the players tries to save the realms. At the beginning of each round the players draw cards equal to the active realms and add invaders. It is key for the game that you use your heroes' talents in an efficient way in order to be able to defeat the invaders, while at the same time you will have to tackle their abilities. Beware though, because as long as they stay alive, the invasion marker moves to a higher number on the invasion track and when it reaches the top level, you all lose the game.

The Dark Lords: When the invasion marker reaches level 16, then the Dark Lords come in the game. The Dark Lords are bosses that the heroes have to defeat in order to be able to protect the realms.

The town: Every realm has its town, and this is the source of power for every hero. There you can spend your gold in order to buy several items that can grant you power in order to defeat the villains.

Game structure using expansions

Ancestor Legacy, Ghost Town, as well as Bedtime Story, which is currently funding on Kickstarter, add new elements to the core game. Here are some of the changes that you will encounter in the game expansions.

Plots: Are different scenarios created for every realm, that add a new story and mechanisms, as well as new components per realm and alternative game endings. Therefore with these expansions, both the core story and the plot apply to the game. This is very important because plots offer alternate winning conditions to the game.

Companions: The companions give the opportunity to each player to take control of 2 heroes in every round, by adding some rules which are slightly restrictive in terms of using this feature. Essentially it is as if one hero is the mind and the other is the body.

The characters

12 Realms offers a wide variety of characters: Snow-white, Nutcracker, Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood are just some of them. Each character has their own two sided board. One side features the hero talents, and the other features less talents and one ability, thus increasing replayablity.

The variants

The core game offers a lot of variants except the basic rules, variants that you can try if you wish to test the game in different modes and levels and adjust it to your taste. In other words, this is another feature that adds to the game replayability, since the variants mostly alter the game difficulty. So in a more family friendly environment you can try the easy rules and so on.

Black Fortress: The Black Fortress appears once in each realm when the invasion marker reaches a specific level. The heroes then need to destroy the Fortress first, because it casts a curse to the realm and they cannot fight the invaders who are there.

Promo invaders: The promo invaders are enchanted creatures that have been turned into stone and increase the game difficulty. Their difference compared to the regular invaders is that a hero must spend double the talents to defeat such a monster.


Inn stable and Bazaar buildings: These are buildings that are placed in different realms and provide heroes with items (cards) which they can buy in order to make it easier for them to defeat the villains. In general it is suggested that players who try the game for the first time, or who want to play on easy mode, add these buildings to their game.

VISIT OUR CAMPAIGN HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ma ... time-story

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